Video Advertising

In the present time, Video Advertising is becoming a lot common in the digital environment. The goal of this type of communication is to create brand awareness, entertain and as a consequence, obtain profits.

It is extremely important to bear in mind that nowadays, internet users can skip all the advertisings they receive online. This makes it extremely necessary to connect on a profound way with the audience. If a video advertising can catch the audience’s attention, it is more likely that the users will watch the video ad. Therefore, a video advertising must possess an engaging content and try not to be too short and not too long.

An important advantage of Video Advertisings is that it is a profitable way to connect and communicate to a specific audience through a variety of digital channels.

Developing video advertisings:

There are a variety of channels to be used for a video advertising. Channels such as Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Mobiles, Online games, etc., might be proper for a brand to use depending on the niche market the firm wants to reach.

Display video advertising:

This type of videos are the ones appearing on banners along a website which possess a content similar to the the product or service a brand is offering. These ads should also offer a call-to-action for the online consumers

In-stream video advertising:

These advertisings are those which appear before, during or after a user watches a video. As these are 15-30 seconds advertisings, it is important to call the user to action by connecting the brand with the customer’s needs.

Social Video advertising:

These video advertisings could differ from the previous ones as they do not necessarily have to be promotional video. That is, these videos could connect with the consumers on a more profound style in order for the video to be shared between users, companies, etc., on a more organic style

Programmatic TV Advertising:

This type of Video Advertising differentiates from the traditional TV ads because they base the selection of the target not only on geographic data, but on other data such as buying behaviors and demographic information.

It also differentiates from the traditional TV ads because the traditional ones are analised based on few thousand televisions, while the programmatic TV adverts are based on millions of TV devices.

It is based on real time bidding, through an impressions system, where the company only pays for impressions, which rises the profits by increasing the Digital Return On Investment (ROI)

Mobile Video Advertising:

It is clear that the number of mobile users buying through these type of devices is constantly increasing. This gives a chance for brands to share video advertising with call-to-action communication, which can increase the number of consumers buying a product through mobiles. As other type of video advertisings, mobile video ads can also be extremely targeted in order to achieve the niche-market which interests to a company.

Video Advertising Recommendations:

It could be a good idea to utilize a variety of channels in order to achieve the company’s audience and create brand awareness

  • Create valuable content (relevant, human, intriguing and credible)
  • Adapt the content to the different devices
  • Track users across devices
  • Monitor video shares
  • Develop call-to-actions during the video advertisings

What do you guys think about Video Advertising? Have you ever thought about using this strategy? Please leave a comment below with your opinions.

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