Sexuality in the Advertising

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk about the use of sexual components in the Advertising.

Sexual elements have been linked to Advertising for a long time. The reason is that sex is an important part of humans life. It can be linked to people as a biological way or an emotional way. There are some brands that use sexual elements with a bit of humor on its advertisings. It is clear that the number of the use of sexual components in the ads increase constantly.

However, sex in the advertisings is criticized as well. A lot of people think that sex elements in the advertising can increase gender discrimination. Also, consumers could compare an individual placed in an advertising to an object.

Although woman have always been an important part of sex in the advertising, nowadays, man are becoming an important sexual component as well, which could equilibrate the “balance” of the gender discrimination.

The point is that, whether people like it or not, sex elements in adverts sell, and that’s a fact. It could be that consumers seem to be already so used to this kind of advertising, that it creates a pass over to these components, specially through a subtle sexual advert.

Nonetheless, I believe that both sexual elements and controversy are linked. Therefore, in my opinion, a variety of brands create some adverts in order to create controversy and erase the campaign afterwards with the only intent of creating brand awareness.

What do you think about these type of adverts? Do you think it is a good marketing strategy? Do you believe that the controversy it generates is even more important than the advert itself?

Following, some adverts linking brands to sexuality








Please, give me your opinion about this sexual adverts. Do they work?

See you soon!

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