Christmas Marketing Strategy

The end of the year is the time where the emotional feelings of Christmas time and the society’s income has most grown.

Therefore, every enterprise should use this moment of the year to gain new customers and keep the actual clients. Firms should also try to increase the economic profits of the firm by increasing the number of sales and even try to increase the brand awareness, by developing a proper Christmas marketing strategy. Let’s talk about some Christmas Marketing Strategies.

Some types of Christmas Marketing Strategies:


Create a Christmas environment in your company.

For instance by adding a Christmas tree to the place, or adding some “Christmas smell”, or by giving a Santa Claus uniform to the employees.

Give personalised gifts to the clients.

These gifts could include some of the company’s products and add a postcard with the client’s name and thanking for his/her visit. It could also be a gift given to people who buy more than a specific amount. For instance, a company may give a cup or a t-shirt of the brand. It can also be that the company gives gifts surprises to their customers after the purchase. This strategy might encourage consumers to purchase more.

Develop a Christmas musical video or drawing contest as a marketing strategy.

Ask your customers to participate in these contests. Give products like T-shirts, CDs or other types of goods as a gift to the winners.

Reward your loyal customers.

For instance, some special discounts only for these specific clients, so they can feel special to the firm. This strategy might be positive for the Word of Mouth

Offer discounts and promotions.

Giving an option of saving money for a customer when it is time to spend so much capital is a clever way to catch the consumers’ attention. Nonetheless, always give an option of paying through a variety of ways such as cash or credit card and to pay in installments and purchasing through the website.

Collaborate with other companies.

This strategy is referred to when you advertise and sell other companies’ products and vice versa. By making advertisings and offer other companies’ goods in your own firm, consumers may be willing to buy the products as it may look more spontaneous.

Develop a Corporate Social Management strategy.

During Christmas time, consumers are willing to help companies which take social actions such as collaborating with a charity among others. Therefore, a business should let its clients know about the social actions it is taking. A company could also ask for clothes and games and give discounts for people giving their own products for social actions.

Develop a Pinterest Christmas Marketing Strategy.

Use a Pinterest Board to publish some of your products using an informal style of communication (do not use a selling communication style). Nonetheless, it could be interest to pin other types of contents such as Christmas elements from other Pinterest boards so the firm’s board does not look too commercial.

Motivate the company’s employees.

As employees may work on a Face-to-Face basis with the business’ clients, it is important to give a special gift for the employees in order to motivate them to give their best in their job. Another idea could be to make a Christmas dinner or give day-offs.

Make a proper use of the Digital Marketing.

For instance, by sending newsletters to the actual and potential clients with different promotions, gifts ideas and by thanking their loyalty to the firm. Send a postcard or an email to other companies who work as a partnership with the firm in order to give them a Merry Christmas message

Which other Christmas Marketing Strategies can you think of? Please write them in the comments below.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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