Developing a Marketing Strategy for the New Year 2017

As 2017 is about to arrive, one of the main purposes of a company to think about is to develop a marketing strategy. Marketing strategies are extremely important to a company as they help a firm increase its brand awareness, which will increase the number of clients and as a result, it will also increase the enterprise profits.

There are a variety of areas for a company to focus on for its new 2017 marketing campaign:

Learn the ROI of the marketing campaign.

A marketer should be able to explain to his/her clients the Return On Investment that a new marketing campaign will bring to them. Therefore, there are a variety of tools that can help obtain these numbers today. You can check a list of ROI tools on this Cóbhan Phillipson post

Stick to the Target

Marketers should stick to the company’s target in order to develop a marketing campaign. It is also important to bear in mind that personalisation will always increase the number of loyal clients. Treat each customer as a unique person and they will talk to others about your company and send positive Word of Mouth.

Offer Brand Experience

Brand experience refers to the emotional connection a brand should develop with its actual and potential clients in order to maintain and obtain loyal customers. The more a company connects in a more profound way with its customers, the more a client will talk positive about the firm to his/her friends and family. Brand experience will therefore create a differentiation with its competitors on the customer’s mind. In order to develop an outstanding brand experience, firms should first stick to its targets and personalise its communication with each specific consumer. Getting to know a customer characteristic will help the company personalise its communication with him/her, as well as offer them the best customer service.

Implement a mobile marketing campaign

Mobile is the new device that users are using to search for information on the internet, as well as to buy and sell products. Therefore, it is important for a company to develop a mobile marketing campaign in order to locate their actual and potential clients as well as to have a more personalised communication with them.

Develop a Social Media marketing campaign

Developing a Social Media marketing strategy needs an important planning in order to establish how to communicate with the social media users and when and how to publish comments. It also refers to the knowledge of when and how to publish videos, and how to make them go viral. Companies should know how to get in contact with its clients and how to react over negative comments. Therefore, a Social Media marketing plan should be perfectly thought before putting it into action.

Base your marketing campaign in a USP

Analising the companies’ competitors marketing campaigns will allow a marketer to develop creative and interesting campaigns based on a unique selling proposition, which will take the brand to the Top of Mind. Thus, the more the different competitors are analised, the more a company will be able to differentiate itself from other firms.

Which other strategies can you think about? Please, write them down.

Happy new Year to everyone!!
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