Spanish regions creative advertising

Hi people!

Today I want to show you all some advertisings from different regions of Spain.

In my country, many regions have created their own marketing campaign to advertise their cities and their emblematic places.


In my opinion, creating marketing campaigns for the different regions of a country is an amazing way to sell the best they possess. Many people never know what a city has to offer until they visit the specific place.

Therefore, although these cities could be seen as competitors, in the end it is all about visiting Spain. So, it could be seen as a need to select between Spain and its amazing cities, and other countries around the world.


I think that Spain should internationalise these campaigns so everybody in the whole world knows what this country has to offer.

Next, some of the campaigns from the Spanish regions: 





And My favourite ad

I hope you enjoyed them and their creativities as much as I have.

I’ll see you soon,


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