9 Digital Marketing Myths

Digital marketing strategies are getting more important overtime. However, there are still a variety of theories to learn about this whole new world, and firms may still need a lot of education in this new type of industry in order to obtain the desired profits. So, I am going to explain some myths that exist with regards of the Digital Marketing industry:

  • Digital marketing is easy compared to traditional marketing

    • Companies may believe that digital marketing campaigns are easier to develop and generates faster results than offline marketing campaigns. However, a digital marketing campaign can take a long time to bring a satisfactory result for a firm. It also needs a lot of work and sometimes, it could frustrate the firm which puts so much effort on it and does not obtain the desired results.
  • All you need is Digital Marketing

    • Although in the present time digital marketing is getting increasingly important for a brand, this type of strategy is not the only one to think about within a marketing plan. A marketing plan has to be thought based on the use of online and offline channels. That is, although a high number of consumers use the digital media in order to buy products and services, there is also a high number of people still using channels such as the newspaper, the radio, the magazines, billboards, etc.
  • Content Marketing is not that important

    • When developing a website, a variety of brands may believe that having a website is more than enough. However, nowadays, a digital marketing plan should focus on the importance consumers give to a brand which cares about keeping its own site up to date. That is, internet users give a higher attention to those brands that write blog posts on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Further, keeping the web updated will help the search engines to find the site whenever a person is looking for a specific information. Therefore, keeping the website updated may show the clients how important they are for the company.
  • Digital marketing can only be successful with very large website traffic

    • Instead of focusing on the quantity of traffic that website generates, a firm should focus on attracting the correct target to its site. This is a lot more effective as it will increase the number of conversions too. That is, the correct target, which visit the site, are the ones who will actually increase the number of purchases and subscriptions.
  • My competitors are not online, so I do not need to be

    • Just because your direct competitors are not online, it does not mean that the company should avoid being on the internet too. Nowadays, a company which has got no webpage does not “exist”. That is, being online gives the firm the possibility of reaching a whole new number of potential clients. So, it is clear that if a company has a website, and its competitors do not have one, the first is a step ahead of them.
  • Negative reviews online are bad for the brand

    • Brands should start considering bad reviews on the internet as an opportunity to educate its clients and improve a company’s products and services as well as it’s brand image. In consequence, a caring brand will improve its brand awareness on the consumers’ minds.
  • Using one social media profile is enough

    • In the present time, there are a variety of social media accounts where a brand can find its actual and potential clients. Therefore, it is important to analyse and establish which are the social media channels where a firm might find its target, otherwise, if a company can’t be found through the different social media accounts, it is being missed out
  • Personalisation is not possible

    • Today, due to the advanced technology, it is easy to personalise an advert, so that it catches actual and potential clients. Therefore, in order to create a differentiation with its competitors, a company should develop a creative personalisation strategy as to make its clients feel important to them.
  • Consumers on mobile do not convert

    • Although customers are still not that used to buying products and services through their mobile devices, it is still important to possess a mobile version of a company’s webpage, as it is still a way for customers to obtain information about the firm and its products and services, and it could contain a form as to put the clients’ information on the firm’s database

In conclusion, it is clear that there is still a lot to learn about the digital marketing world, and firms should analyse all the possibilities that this new industry has to give in order to get new clients and obtain economic profits.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126052185@N03/14438818027

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