Important mistakes that can ruin a marketing campaign

Nowadays, the consumption has become a matter of differentiation. Marketers should bear in mind that creativity and connection with consumers are a must in order to set apart a company from its competitors.

However, in a huge number of occasions, marketers could ruin their marketing strategies because of a variety of mistakes on the understanding of how marketing campaigns work. These are some actions that might ruin a marketing campaign:

  1. Using all the medias

      If a marketer try to focus on all the types of marketing channels for its marketing plan, it will probably not achieve all its ROI. First of all, because of the high amount of capital spent on each channel. But, the main reason is that different companies could need different channels in order to connect with its target.

        • So, in order to obtain a positive ROI (Return on Investment), marketers should develop a marketing research as to find out where to find the firm’s target as to reach them with the specific advertisings
  2. Focusing on the wrong target

    Despite of having the perfect product and the best marketing strategy, if a brand is focusing on a target which does not need the product or its attributes in order to satisfy a desire, it will not achieve its marketing objectives as it will not satisfy the customers’ wants

  3. Believe that a good product can sell itself on its own

    When launching an innovative good, it is important to focus on the necessity of its marketing campaign instead of believing that this strategy is not necessary. The main reason for that is because if consumers do not know the attributes of the product or how it should be used, they will not buy it

  4. Selling the wrong product

    Sometimes, a brand may try to sell a product which can be totally new to a specific market. However, although sometimes trying to achieve new markets can be a total success, another times, it can simply be a total failure.

    1. Therefore, it is important to admit and accept when a failure situation of trying to bring a product to a new market has ocurred. It will help the company overcome the mistake as to achieve future profits by developing different strategies
  5. Establishing the wrong product price

    Companies should bear in mind the importance of establishing the proper price for its goods and services as, sometimes, establishing a product’s lower price than its competitors may be seen as a worst quality or customer service from the consumers. That is, it could devaluate a company’s image

  6. Designing a bad marketing plan

    Developing a marketing plan which will not meet the specific brand’s needs will become a waste of capital and could create brand awareness on the wrong potential clients. It could also happen that the wrong marketing plan will transmit the wrong message and in consequence, might transmit a wrong company’s image

    1. Therefore, it is important to know which are the company’s targets and which are their needs. Marketers must also define which are the specific goals of the marketing campaigns. All these information must be previously collected by the development of marketing research strategies and defining which are the company’s competitors as well.
  7. Not offering a proper customer service

    1. Firms should focus on the customer service that they offer to its clients as, giving the wrong communication to the consumers, or using the wrong tone of voice may take the customers to abandon the company and start buying from its competitors. That is, the company might lose profits because of the decrease of its number of clients.

As it can be seen, when developing a marketing campaign, there are a variety of aspects to think about as to obtain ROI. So, when launching a new campaign, keep clear that you have done all the important marketing research possible in order to avoid marketing mistakes.

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