Reasons to go online

Is it really necessary for an enterprise to be in the online world? What are the main reasons for that and what is important to have into consideration? In this post, I am going to write about reasons why every company should enter the online world in order to increase its number of clients and profits

  1. Internet is the economy of the world.

    • The World Wide Web has become one of the most important industries of the globe. Both, multinational and Small and Medium enterprises are getting adapted to a new business style, which, if not adapted, a specific organisation might simply become forgotten to its actual and potential consumers.
  2. Internet is a new place to sell products and services

    • Today, websites have become a new type of venue where anyone, at anyplace, can simply enter in a site to buy a specific product or service from any brand.
  3. Need of improving the company’s image

    • It is clear that nowadays, organisations that do not have a presence on the internet could lose its credibility with regards of its profesionalism
  4. Provide better customer service

    • Having a website can help customers obtain all the information needed about a company with regards of the organisation itself, or the products and services it sells
    • Being online will help a company stay in touch with its clients and be able to support them at anytime.
    • For example, having a webpage will allow the company to have a Q&A page, or videos in order to help customers solve their problems
  5. Availability to do business 24/7

    • Working within the internet world means that a person can do business all the day during the 365 days of the year, while being able to work from anywhere in the world.
  6. Low investment for new start-ups

    • The investment of a new online company is much lower than a physical one, as there could be plenty of accessories and tools that can be eliminated: no vehicle needed, no staff to hire, etc.
  7. Worldwide market presence

    • Having a business online means that a company can sell its products/services to all the countries around the world. That is, being online means working within a global market

Recommendations to make the most of the online presence:

  • A company should think about investing on a digital marketing campaign as for the prospect consumers to get to know the enterprise.
  • Always keep in touch with the company’s customers as to keep them loyal and satisfied with the organisation
  • Keep in mind the importance of obtaining a positive word of mouth on the online world in order to grow profits of the company


What other reasons to be online can you think about? Let’s put ideas in common.


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